High School Coding & Robotics Camp

Hosted by the UCT School of IT, this camp is an engaging and educational six-day holiday camp, which introduces multiple aspects of coding and robotics.
High Schools

Course overview

This December, CodeSpace is hosting a holiday camp for high school students around Cape Town that are interested in coding and robotics. This is a six-day camp hosted at UCT campus. and will provide high schoolers with an excellent foundation to further their technical skills and to prepare them for more advanced coding courses.

If you are motivated and curious high school student in Grade 8 - 12, who is passionate about technology and where it can take you, this camp is definitely for you. Apply now!

Probably the best holiday
camp of my life!

Zuhayr Loonat - CAMP ALUMNI

Course Details

Duration: 6 days

Time: Mon - Fri: 9-3pm; Sat: 9-12pm

Cost: R2500


Grade 8 - 12

Good computer literacy

Good digital literacy

Previous coding experience not required

Leslie Commerce Building, UCT, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7701

Entrance on Library Road

Camp Details

Duration: 6 days

Time: Mon - Fri: 9-3pm; Sat: 9-12pm

Cost: R2500


Grade 8 - 12

Good computer literacy

Good digital literacy

Previous coding experience not required

Leslie Commerce Building, UCT, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7701

Entrance on Library Road

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controlling robot with remote
facilitator helping camp attendee code
Intently looking at screen
triple coding
programming to music
robots following each other
preparing robot to draw on paper track
remote controlling robot on paper track
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smiling and looking at robots

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What you will learn

This camp will give you an excellent foundation in various aspects of coding, problem-solving, and Design Thinking. Here’s what you’ll have done by the end of the camp:


You programmed an actual robot to move in a specific pattern and create shapes.

Sonic Pi

You showed off your musical talent with a tune you created by coding on Sonic Pi.

Visual Programming

You created working code by using programming logic and code building blocks, which translate across different programming languages.

Careers in Code

You listened to people talk about how they use technology and coding in their various jobs, and you had the opportunity to ask them questions to find out more about what they do and how they got there.

Design Thinking

You were introduced to Design Thinking, and you used the skills you learnt to work as a team to find an innovative solution to a real-world problem. You also created a prototype of your solution and presented it on the final day of the camp.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Coding & Robotics Camp right for me?

To get the most out of the camp you should be ✓ Curious ✓ A fast learner ✓ Motivated. You should have good English proficiency and digital literacy. It is not required that you have any prior knowledge of coding.

What’s the application process for this camp?

Apply online to reserve your place at the RoboCamp.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

Please contact us for more information.

Can I still attend RoboCamp if I already have some coding experience?

If you already have a basic knowledge of coding, or if you attended RoboCamp in July, there will be the option to replace certain sessions with more advanced topics, to ensure that you learn new and exciting skills.

Do I need to be there every day?

Yes. The camp is designed in such a way that many sessions build on from previous sessions. This means that if you miss a day you might not know what’s going on when you return. Also, some sessions involve working in a group, meaning if you’re not there you’re letting your group down.

Camp Schedule



Each morning will start with an outline of the day’s activities. They are also a great opportunity to chat to your friends about what you’ve learnt so far, and what you’re excited to learn in upcoming sessions. And if you don’t have any friends at the camp yet, this is the time to start meeting people and making some new friends! We’ll also provide you with some interesting tech articles each morning - read these to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the tech industry. They’ll also give you some thought-provoking topics to talk to your new friends about.

Daily Sessions

From Monday through to Friday there are four sessions per day. These sessions vary, and could be anything from a robotics class, to brainstorming for a Design Thinking challenge, to making music using Sonic Pi, to a lesson on prototyping, to offline problem-solving activities, to visual programming, to hearing from professionals in the tech world. All participants attend the same sessions, although not necessarily at the same time or in the same order.


This is another chance to chat to your friends (old and new) about what you have learnt so far and which sessions you have found the most interesting and engaging. Take out your lunch and find a scenic spot on the beautiful UCT campus to sit and enjoy it.

Presentations Day

Saturday is Presentations Day, where students have an opportunity to present their projects, prototypes and creations from the camp. Friends and family are invited to come and see the exciting and innovative projects that participants have been working on.

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