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Web Academy

If you’re fascinated by the world of tech and want to gain skills to match, this is the course for you. In this 4-week programme, we’ll work on growing your ability and confidence in skills essential to the industry – from programming fundamentals, front-end language, and completing tech tasks with greater ease and efficiency, all the way to the effective workplace communication that’ll make you a highly employable professional.

What you will learn

Ideal for absolute beginners, this course answers fundamental coding questions and teaches the basic skills that everyone wanting to incorporate code into their careers needs to know. During the course you will learn the basics of the coding languages that are essential for web development, key digital skills that are necessary for a career in tech and fundamental computer science principles.

Course Outcomes

Understand fundamental computer science principles: loops, conditionals, algorithms, debugging.
Be able to code a website using HTML, CSS and JQuery

Be able to use essential digital communication tools necessary in a professional work environment


Availability for the duration of the course

Computer literacy

English proficiency

Code of Conduct Policy

Punctuality, participation in discussions, completion of assignments, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. Passing requires attendance to the full course.

Terms and Conditions


Learn how to make your front-end interactive using HTML


Learn how to make your front-end interactive using CSS

Workplace Tools

Learn to use tools that are used on a daily basis in the workplace

Web Development

Learn how the internet works and how website requests are made.

Course Details

Duration:4 Weeks
Date:Mon Jun 17 2019
Time:10am - 3pm, Mon to Fri

Payment Options

Upfront:R8800 upfront
Monthly:R4400pm over 2 months

CodeSpace offers bursaries and extended payment plans to students based on merit. To apply, attend an Admissions Day, and based on your performance you’ll be invited to submit a bursary application.

403 Old Castle Brewery, 6 Beach Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town


CodeSpace Graduates

A day in the life

Open up your daily readings: they’ll help you to start thinking and talking like an industry leader. Get to campus early to discuss them over a cup of coffee with your classmates.
Lecture Days
Head into coding lectures and open your laptop. An industry professional will take you through the day’s new coding concepts. You’ll code along and get to work through practical exercises to make sure that you are grasping the concepts. This is your opportunity to ask questions.
Project Days
Put your coding skills to the test with coding projects. By the end of the course, you should have a portfolio that enables you to grab that position as a junior web developer! On project days you can choose to work from our co-working space or wherever you feel most productive (working remotely is one of the perks of your future career in tech). You’ll have access to a coach who can guide you along when you work through tricky bugs in your code.
Gather around the lunch table for a meal with your classmates and others working from the coworking space.
On some afternoons guest lecturers will share cutting-edge industry trends with you; on others you’ll learn how to use Design Thinking to create innovative solutions. These are the critical 21st century skills that will future proof your career!
Be inspired by Cape Town’s start-up scene and build your network by attending networking events. We connect our students to tech-based networking events that let you in on the latest ideas and expand your network.


Mandisa Dlubom

Mandisa Dlubom

Junior Web Developer - Responsive

“I’m happy as a developer. I love the challenge of always developing my skills, and I feel like I can make a great impact on people – through technology”

Ahmed  Hassan Noor

Ahmed Hassan Noor

Junior Web Developer - One Day Only

“My job as a developer is full of fun, and very satisfying when you’re writing lines of code that will make the world a better place.”

Kholiswa Ntshinga

Kholiswa Ntshinga

Developer - African New Energies

“I fell in love with coding because it’s basically problem-solving – with coding, there’s always the opportunity to be both creative and innovative.”

Mandy Makweni

Mandy Makweni

Junior Front-End Developer - Pure Survey

“CodeSpace prepared me for work because it’s based in practicals more than theory: so as soon as you get a job, you'll be ready for any challenge.”


Frequently asked questions

Is the Web Development Extended course right for me?

Curious about coding? Our extended course is designed to take you from an absolute beginner into an industry professional. You’ll gain all the skills you need to excel in the industry, the practice to build your own portfolio as well as professional guidance for your first steps into the industry. Our work-readiness programme will help prepare you for the workspace, job interviews, and other aspects of professional life. You’ll gain access to our graduate placement programme, which will help you find the perfect position for your skill set.

Do you offer financial support?

We offer bursaries throughout the year as well as our own financial assistance programme. Get in touch with our admissions team to learn how we can help you get the tech education that’s right for you.

What’s the application process for this course?

When you fill out your details to register your interest in this course, we’ll email you a link to our problem-solving challenge, which you can complete to get an idea of whether you’re well-suited to studying web development at CodeSpace. If you’ve been successful, we’ll invite you to join our next half-day bootcamp, where you’ll complete an interview with us and take part in a few further challenges. If you’re accepted into the course based on your performance at the bootcamp, we’ll send you some preparation material so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the course begins!



Our Student Admissions Team is available to consult with you and help you plan a learning path to the career you want.