Web Development Intensive

The 18-week program gives learners a solid foundation to create functional, interactive web applications. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to fast-track your career as a full-stack developer.
Full Time

Course overview

If you have an interest and aptitude for web development, this course will prepare you to kickstart a career as a web developer. The course guides you in developing a portfolio of code projects according to industry standards. You will thrive in this course if you are a highly motivated, curious and driven individual, ready to take charge of your career by learning an in-demand skill.



18 weeks

Start Dates:

Mon Jul 27 2020

Mon Feb 01 2021


M & W: 9-12; T & Th: 9-3pm



R36600  R32940*

*early bird 5% off your fees

*extra 5% off for full payment before commencement date

6 Beach Rd, 403 Old Castle Brewery,
Woodstock, Cape Town, 7520

What you will learn

The course teaches you how to create beautiful, responsive, data-driven web applications using modern web languages. You will develop a repository of code projects on Github that showcases your ability as a developer to future employers.   

You'll learn back-end concepts like databases, server-side scripting and deployment so that you are able to use a database to power a dynamic application.  By the end of the course you will be proficient in the front end languages and frameworks that you need to create responsive websites. You’ll be trained in best practice for version control and workplace collaboration, allowing you to work effectively as part of a team on large code projects.   

As a young tech professional, your most important skills that will accelerate your career will be your ability to continuously learn, to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment, to solve problems innovatively, and the ability to navigate complex situations effectively. CodeSpace Academy’s signature modules, Leading Your Learning, Leading Your Career, Leading Change and Leading Self will push you to advance as an innovator and leader.


· Become proficient in creating HTML5 responsive websites
· Create a data-driven web application
· Use a database to power dynamic applications
· Use version control tools
· Use modern front-end development languages


· Laptop
· Home internet connection
· Computer literacy
· Ability to search the internet for information
· Previous coding experience through an online
course or other would be beneficial but not required



18 weeks

Start Dates:

Mon Jul 27 2020

Mon Feb 01 2021


M & W: 9-12; T & Th: 9-3pm



R36600  R32940*

*early bird 5% off your fees

*extra 5% off for full payment before commencement date

6 Beach Rd, 403 Old Castle Brewery,
Woodstock, Cape Town, 7520


Internet architecture

Understand core internet technology. All technical and policy aspects of the underlying core infrastructure

Responsive web design

Learn to make web pages responsive using CSS, Flexbox, CSS Grid and Bootstrap.

JavaScript fundamentals

Learn how to make your front-end interactive using JavaScript.


Learn to use PHP to power your dynamic web applications


Learn to create asynchronous web applications

Hosting & Deployment

Learn to deploy and host your code in the cloud

Collaboration & Git

Manage your code versions and deployments using Git and source control.

Leading Your Learning

Master the skills to be able to direct your own learning in a fast past environment.

Leading Your Career

Master the communication & collaboration skills to take your career to the next level.

Leading Self

Develop as a leader by focusing on decision making and emotional intelligence skills.

Leading Change

Learn to design; create and share innovative ideas for social good.

Careers to Pursue

Our Web Development Intensive course will prepare you with the skills

to pursue many career options in tech. A few of them are listed below.

Web Developer

Web Designer

UX Designer

App Developer

Game Developer

Dev Ops Practitioners

Our Payment Plans

Upfront | 5% less

R34770 R36600


Get 5% off total course fee

6-month plan



Your payment will be required in 6 instalments

12-month plan



Payment will be required in 12 instalments

Our courses prepare you to gain industry approved certification from the following recognised institutions.

Read more in the FAQ.


Open up your daily readings: they’ll help you to start thinking and talking like an industry leader. Get to campus early to discuss them over a cup of coffee with your classmates.
Lecture Days
Head into coding lectures and open your laptop. An industry professional will take you through the day’s new coding concepts. You’ll code along and get to work through practical exercises to make sure that you are grasping the concepts. This is your opportunity to ask questions.
Project Days
Put your coding skills to the test with coding projects. By the end of the course, you should have a project to show off to your mom and or future employers! On project days you can choose to work from our co-working space or wherever you feel most productive (working remotely is one of the perks of your future career in tech). You’ll have access to a coach who can guide you along when you work through tricky bugs in your code.
Gather around the lunch table for a meal with your classmates and others working from the coworking space.
On some afternoons guest lecturers will share cutting-edge industry trends with you; on others you’ll learn how to use Design Thinking to create innovative solutions. These are the critical 21st century skills that will future proof your career!
Be inspired by Cape Town’s start-up scene and build your network by attending networking events. We connect our students to tech-based networking events that let you in on the latest ideas and expand your network.

Scholarships & Bursaries

We offer scholarships and bursaries to qualifying candidates with potential to make an impact in the tech industry.

You can qualify if the following applies to you.

✔ South African Citizen   ✔ 18 years or older   ✔ EE candidate   ✔ Female   ✔ Passed our Challenge

To apply go to tech-leaders.org. Tech Leaders is a project of CodeSpace which gives

potential tech leaders access to funding and leadership development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Web Development Intensive course right for me?

To excel in this course you should be ✓ Curious , ✓ A fast learner ✓ Motivated. The course schedule can accommodate part time work outside of class, but students should be able to prioritise studying for the duration of the course. You should have good English proficiency and good digital literacy. It is not required that you have any prior knowledge of coding, but some experience would be beneficial. If you don’t yet meet these requirements, you can enrol in our Web Academy, which is a 4 week course that will prepare you to enter the Web Development Intensive.

What are the payment options for the course?

Course fees are payable in monthly installments. Students who make a single upfront payment receive a R1600 discount on the total fee. Students can apply for an extended payment plan. This allows students to pay over a period of either 6 months or 12 months. Chat to our admissions team to ask more about payment plans.

How do I apply for an extended payment plan or a bursary?

Chat to one of our admissions specialists and tell them you would like to apply for the extended payment plan.

What is the schedule for the course?

Students must be present at campus for lectures and practicals from 9am - 12pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 9am - 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Outside these times, students are expected to complete at least 10 hours per week of self study and project work. Campus is open from 8.30 - 5pm for students to work from. The course schedule can accommodate part time work outside of class, but students should be able to prioritise studying for the duration of the course.

What will I receive at the end of the course?

By the end of the course you would have created a portfolio of code which you can use to motivate potential employers or clients to work with you. If you graduate successfully you will also receive a CodeSpace certificate of completion. If you desire to receive extra certification we will aid you in writing a Microsoft web developer exam, AWS developer exam or google analytics exam. These are at an extra cost.

Student Testimonials

“Codespace gave me the tools to realize my potential and become more confident in what I have to offer. I wasn't just taught how to code, but how to believe that I CAN code, and take it from there. Codespace is a sanctuary built by people who genuinely care about our futures, and for that I am very grateful.”

Aziza Brown

Aziza Brown
Tammi Duckworth
Isaac Nkoy Lakote
Stefan Maree
Jasper Chesselet
Keith Brown
Clint Cloete
Mandisa Dlubom
Carrie Clarke
Ahmed Hassan Noor

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