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Why take a Web design course?

Web design is an integral part of the IT industry in the 21 st Century and forms part of the IT courses setwork.A web designer course is part of the IT courses field, which has a lot of scope in the present as well as the future.As a web designer you would hold a core position in the process of developing a website, working alongside web developers.Web designers are needed in order to maintain old websites as well.As a web designer, you would have an advantage of working independently or as part of a company.To be a good web designer, one needs to have learnt the basics of HTML and CSS - which we offer at CodeSpace as part of our Web Academy course

Careers in Web design

There are many available IT careers for someone that has studied Web design

After completing a web designer course, you would be eligible to work at a web design company or as a freelancer. Many companies hire web developers for the front-end development of their webpages.

Web designers have a broad scope, meaning they can work in the software industry, in media, and the education industry.The education industry is a growing field for web designers, because the world has become an animated world so educating students has become more visual by using animated designs that have many advantages for educating children.

The job profiles for web designers include:

  • Front-end developer
  • Web application developer
  • User Interface designer
  • Web marketing analyst

Some examples are:

  • PHP Web Developer
  • Java Web Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Front End Web Developer
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What will you learn in an Web design course?

The IT courses at CodeSpace are focused on coding and programming.

You will learn to:

  • Create dynamic,responsive webpages using HTML&CSS
  • Learn how to use programming languages to manipulate data
  • Think like a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies speak to one another

What is Web design?

Web design is the planning and creation of websites by using two main elements: graphics and text. Web designers use images, text, HTML5, responsive web design, colours, and fonts to create webpages. Web design involves learning core coding skills through completing an array of IT courses, and gaining a solid basis of HTML and CSS - which we offer at CodeSpace. Websites play a key role in today’s media, thus making it an integral duty for web designers. Everything from shopping to career coaching can be found online through websites - which web designers created.
The developing of a website is a big responsibility for a web designer, because content is the core of the web page or website; this includes the technical and functional design of a website. It is therefore important that there is a good visual impact and user friendly environment of a website - therefore the web designer has this important responsibility to apply current designs and trends to the website.

The demand for Web designers

Web designers are in demand in the IT industry because they have unique artistic skills of using markup languages, mostly HTML to create structure of web pages, and CSS for presentation - these languages are taught in our web academy course. We also offer other IT courses such as web development intensive course which is an 18-week full-time course which gives you that kick-start into the IT industry. Web design is crucial in the workspace because it helps a company to raise queries that lead to an increase in sales. In Information Technology, the web designer helps companies to present their products to their potential customers at a low cost.

Frequently asked questions

Is coding and programming related to Web Design?

It definitely is! At CodeSpace we pride ourselves in offering outstanding courses such as Web Academy and Web Development Intensive. We teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which are some of the main languages used by web designers.

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