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Interested in inspiring young minds? Show your interest in joining our Teaching Team

Interested in teaching coding and robotics?

Students and working professionals alike can join one of our Teaching Teams.

CodeSpace is looking for part-time energetic coding and robotics facilitators for 2020.

Skill requirements:

We are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds to join our teaching team. Our teaching teams blend a technical expert with a skilled and experienced educator, so whether you have a background in either education or technology, you can contribute to a teaching team effectively.

Developers:   Are you a developer with an enthusiasm for teaching?

Educators:   Are you an educator with a flair for technology and experience creating explorative, project-based learning environments?

Students:   Are you a student who has completed at least one programming course at university, and has experience tutoring?

The CodeSpace learning environment:

We have a project-based approach that encourages curiosity and exploration. Our facilitators guide students in learning how to learn.

Lesson content is delivered in a blended learning format through our online learning portal and through explanations by the teaching team.

Classes are lead by a Lead Facilitator who is supported by an Assistant Facilitator.

Classes typically have 15 - 24 high school learners.

Time commitment:   You can commit as your schedule suits: during the week - full time, part time mornings or evenings; on Saturdays; or during school holidays.

Training:   All facilitators are required to complete an initial training session that will prepare you to be an effective facilitator. Thereafter you are required to attend a training session for each specific module to ensure you are comfortable with the curriculum content.

Remuneration:   Facilitators who successfully complete our training are paid on an hourly basis depending on their skill level

If this is you please apply here.