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Whether you’re exploring a new career path or just want to add to your skillset and increase your creativity, coding schools in South Africa offer engaging educational programmes to suit just about every need. Not sure where to begin? We’ve broken down the basics so that you can start your journey to web development success!

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What do IT courses entail?

If it’s on your mind that it’s about time you learn to code, then you probably already have some idea of what coding courses entail. What kind of code school and what kind of programming courses are right for you will depend a lot on your end goal: for example, some might learn to code purely because they’re fascinated by the intricacies and possibilities of web development, while others are most primarily interested in opening up opportunities in IT careers. That’s why when you’re deciding which code courses might be right for you, it’s a good idea to start with the end in mind – but it’s also necessary to consider those practical concerns like how much time you have to devote to your learning experience, and where your skills and aptitude lie.

Learn to Code at our Academy

At CodeSpace, we offer courses for everyone who’d like to learn to code – from high schoolers with an interest in robotics to professionals who’d like to diversify their skill set and explore IT careers. Whether you’ve only got a few hours a week to devote to programming courses or are ready to take the plunge full-time, you can find a course to fit your ability, schedule and end goals.

For those exploring the kind of IT courses that can lead to a career in code, full-time, fast, we’d recommend our Web Development Intensive programme. In this course, you'll learn back-end concepts like databases, server-side scripting and deployment to front-end languages and the frameworks that you’ll need to build responsive websites. Our students are also trained in best practice for version control and workplace collaboration – developing the all-important ability to work effectively as part of a team on large code projects – and build up a collection of code projects on Github to demonstrate your development abilities to future employers.

We believe that as a young tech professional pursuing any of the multitude of IT careers out there, your most important skills to accelerate your growth are the abilities to continuously learn, to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment, to solve problems innovatively, and to navigate complex situations. This means that as part of our full-time programming courses, you’ll develop your leadership skills as you learn to code with CodeSpace Academy’s signature modules: Leading Your Learning, Leading Your Career, Leading Change and Leading Self.

If it feels like you’ve come to the right place and you’d like to find out more, contact our admissions for more information on the coding courses best-suited to your skills and requirements. Contact our admissions team here, or click through to read more about Web Development Intensive and our other course options before you get in touch.

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Code courses offered in Cape Town

There are some excellent options available locally for those seeking the IT courses Cape Town has to offer.

To take a more traditional tertiary route, you could head to the University of Cape Town and apply for a BComm Information Sciences degree, which takes three years to complete, or a Bachelor of Business Sciences in Information Sciences, which takes four years.

College of Cape Town offers a one-year, full-time course to obtain the Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification – opening up opportunities like computer sales and service, computer setup, maintenance and repair, design and installation of computer networks, and desktop support. For those who enjoy solving the most practical of problems in the world of tech, these might the ideal IT careers.

WeThinkCode offers an interesting model of peer-to-peer education, in which you’d learn to code as part of a programme that take two years to complete, with the bonus that they’re tuition-free. They’ve set up three interactive games that you’ll need to ace if you’d like to be considered for the course – why not give them a try?

At CodeSpace Academy, we offer Web Development Intensive: an 18-week programme that’ll allow you to learn to code from the beginning, then explore the areas of the coding that hold the most appeal for you. In this relatively short period, we’re able to teach you front-end and back-end concepts, as well as the skills you’ll need to excel in the workplace – and help you to build the portfolio of projects that’ll set you apart as you begin to pursue IT careers and prospects in programming. Of course, we have our reasons for thinking that our code school provides the best coding courses out there. If you’re inclined to agree, we’d like to tell you more!

Is coding and programming IT?

IT stands for Information technology and is the study or use of computing systems and how they are used to store, manipulate and retrieve data.

Coding is a very large component of IT and enables someone to control computers and to tell them exactly how they wish to manipulate information.

So Yes! Coding and programming is very much related to IT

The demand for information technologists

In fact with the increasing use of embedded Technologies in IT segment today, the requirement for those who've taken additional platform training or network security training is on a rise. Why Embedded Technology is an excellent option for students? Millions of goods use some form of additional software for developing it. Right from home appliances, automobiles, wireless devices to consumer electronics devices, additional Technologies is utilized in a large scale. Students having additional platform training can look to jobs in software development, design and production and even re engineering of new and existing reference designs, development of device drivers, wired and wireless stacks and even porting of network protocols. It's believed that there will be a need to over a million professionals having additional system training by 2020.

The straightforward reason behind this is that there's a need for trained specialists in companies for designing and implementing additional software in digital instrumentation hardware. Even consulting firms are searching for additional specialists, engineers and technicians to provide qualified professionals to corporations and government agencies looking to individuals with training or network security training. In India, there are lots of high end training providers that offer courses and networksecurity training for those who're intrigued in this field. After completing the course on embedded Technologies or network security, students may have job opportunities as Embedded Software Engineer, Embedded C Programmer, Embedded developer, Embedded Application Engineer, Research Development and Tech Support Engineer and more.

What will you learn in an IT course?

The IT courses at CodeSpace are focused on coding and programming.

You will learn to:

  • Create dynamic, responsive webpages using HTML & CSS
  • Learn how to use programming languages to manipulate data
  • Think like a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies speak to one another

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