Hire an Intern

Grow your team by hiring high-potential web development interns.


How it works

We match our interns to employment opportunities where they will continue to learn and grow. We are committed to finding the best fit for both intern and company. For more information, see FAQs below.


Each learner is screened for their programming aptitude and employability, guaranteeing the standard of our interns. Minimum standards need to be met in order to attend our Academy and then take place in our Internship Prep Programme.


Our curriculum is designed to prepare aspiring developers for the workplace. Beyond technical skills, each intern is trained in comprehensive work readiness and 21st Century Skills.


Each intern is profiled on a variety of criteria and carefully matched to potential employers that offer the right fit.


Our interns are quietly supported throughout their internships and have continued access to our Intern Success team as they grow in their careers.

Internship frequently asked questions

Who are the candidates?

We support graduates of CodeSpace Academy in finding employment. Our most popular course is our Software Development course — you can take a look at the course page too.

Our students learn how to work effectively in a team, how to communicate in the modern workplace and how to use collaboration tools. Our biggest focus is to foster the ability to keep on learning and to stay up-to-date with changing trends in technology.

What do I need to offer to hire an intern?

Interns are seeking opportunities to launch their careers in tech companies. All interns are able to enter Web Development roles, but are also able to take on related roles that offer learning and development within the tech space.

All interns need to receive a reasonable salary for a minimum period of 3 months. After this, there is no obligation to retain interns as full-time employees, but we are happy to share that this is the most common story!

Is there a fee involved in hiring a CodeSpace intern?

Yes. We ask that companies pay an Admin and Support Fee of R5 450 upfront. This fee covers the facilitation of intern and company profiling and subsequent matching, and then continued support for the intern for the duration of the internship (i.e. regular check-ins, access to our Tech Leaders community and mentors, continued 21C skills training). It also increases efficiency, while ensuring happier interns and companies.

If you choose to offer full-time employment after the internship period, a Placement Fee of R8 250 is applicable. By deferring this fee, we aim to mitigate risk.

What salary are interns after?

A reasonable salary of no less than R6 000 per month. However, companies are free to pay their interns more. If you are aiming to attract our top interns, we encourage competitive salaries!

Are you a recruitment agency?

Nope! We are the individuals who run the Academy, develop the curriculum and teach the learners.

Can we retain an intern after their internship?

Yes! Most companies find that CodeSpace interns add value to their business and are keen for them to remain after their internships.

If we already have an internship programme in place that is longer than 3 months, would CodeSpace interns still be interested?

Yes, 3 months is generally a good length for an internship but can be extended. Many companies do find that a 6 month internship suits them better. We do encourage a salary and role review at the end of the 3 month period.

What have our interns learnt?

Learners start out their journey learning how to create responsive websites with compliant HTML & CSS. They then embark on a deep dive into the JavaScript language and its applications. Instead of focusing on a specific framework or library like React, Angular, Vue, Express etc., learners are given a strong foundation on which to build once they enter industry. JavaScript modules include Variables, Functions, Conditional Statements, Methods, jQuery Basics, APIs, CRUD applications and database interaction.

Learners then move on to PHP and its applications. They learn to build functional and interactive websites using PHP. Learners are then introduced to MySQL and are taught how to link it to PHP, to allow their websites to store user data. They are also given a basic foundation in Object Oriented Programming, which will help them when they enter industry.

Can you tell me more about the structure of the CodeSpace programme?

CodeSpace Academy focuses on equipping individuals with industry-specific skills; from useful tools such as Slack and Github, to structuring the programme to mimic the day-to-day of working in industry.

We offer a good balance of mentorship from experienced lecturers, coupled with self-directed learning and practical application.

How is this programme different?

We believe that individuals need to be taught how to “learn, unlearn and relearn” in order for them to remain relevant in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

Beyond our industry-relevant curriculum, learning methodologies are fostered during the course, empowering interns to continuously self-learn even after the course.

The course is highly practical, involving daily coding challenges while also submitting multiple projects throughout.

Build diversity within your teams.

Our mandate is to increase gender, racial and socio-economic diversity within the tech industry. We work with companies to actively build more diverse teams.