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Why take a Web development course?

Web development combines creativity and analytical skills in IT courses. If you are detail-orientated and and have an eye for design, then our frontend web development course is for you. The web developer role can be varied, fulfilling, and extremely fun. In web development, you will learn many transferable code course skills making it ideal for other disciplines, therefore you would not be tied down to one particular area of expertise.

Taking a web developer course will help you:

  • Learn to code
  • Become employable in the programming and coding field
  • Learn to create and use technology

Web developers are focused on building web-based applications by doing IT courses. These could be websites or web-apps (think WhatsApp for web, Netflix, Google Docs, etc). These applications can also be ported to mobile applications but they are built primarily for the web. In fact our intro to web is the perfect place to start your journey, followed by the software development course.

Careers in Web development

There are many available IT careers for someone that has studied Web development

As a web developer, you will easily be able to transition into mobile development. With similar interfaces, creating mobile applications would mean that you could access a different market while also making developers much more attractive to potential employers. There is an increasing amount of companies are looking into new ways of engaging with customers.

As a web developer you would be in great command of high salaries.

Some examples are:

  • PHP Web Developer
  • Java Web Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Front End Web Developer
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What will you learn in an Web development course?

The IT courses at CodeSpace are focused on coding and programming.

You will learn to:

  • Create dynamic,responsive webpages using HTML&CSS
  • Learn how to use programming languages to manipulate data
  • Think like a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies speak to one another

What is Web development?

Web development is the study to become a web developer who is responsible for building and maintaining websites. Web developers work with designs created by a web designer and then convert them into a functional and compliant website. Web developers therefore generally focus strongly on the back-end development, rather than the front-end development.Web developers therefore often work within a larger team or as entrepreneurs. Web developers are seen as problem-solvers which means that they have a creativity trait as well.For front-end developers, creativity is key-you would be able to create first-class user experiences as well as websites. Being a web developer entails working with a team and having access to many online communities.

The demand for Web developers

There is a great demand for web developers since it opens up many opportunities in the tech field.

Web development is a great start in becoming an expert in the IT careers field.You’re therefore able to specialise and become the best at what you enjoy doing.Whether you enjoy HTML, CSS, or JavaScript ; web development gives you the opportunity to specialize in the field you enjoy the most.You’re able to focus on that field and excel at it, essentially becoming a leader in the field of expertise.Learn to code these languages since they are in demand, which means you’ll always have work and always have options of which career path to choose.There is more money for specialising in this field as well.

Web developers are so in-demand that you could be a freelance web developer which enables you that creative freedom as well as earning higher wages. Being a freelance web developer, means you would be able to choose your own projects and the progression of your career. Web developers skills are ever-more in-demand due to our tech-filled future.There is a possibility of programming languages becoming more valuable than our spoken languages.

With information technology constantly growing, the web developing field is an exciting place to be. Becoming a web developer is the perfect role for aspiring developers, since many companies are looking for new talent.

Frequently asked questions

Is coding and programming related to Web Development?

Most definitely! By doing a web development course you would learn to code by learning programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Coding is a very large component of web development as it enables the web developer to control computers and tells us exactly how to manipulate information.

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