Coding for Schools

CodeSpace brings coding and 21st century skills to schools. We offer full service coding programmes that can be offered alongside existing school activities during school hours or as an exciting new extramural.

Coding courses for future-oriented high school learners

CodeSpace’s curriculum is designed to prepare learners with the skills they need to be able to bring innovative tech-based solutions to life and thrive in a career in the tech industry.

We have a range of course topics to peak learners’ interest in tech.


Robotics courses allow students to learn to program in a highly interactive and tangible manner. Using Arduino robotics kits, learners write code that operates a robot. The courses are project based and slowly integrate the various different aspects of robotics including coding, electronics and mechanical engineering.

Web Development

Web Development courses are an exciting way for learners to start learning about coding. The courses allow learners to create websites, learn how the internet works and develop good foundational knowledge of programming concepts.

Social Innovation

Social Innovation courses create a space for learners to explore how they can use technology as a powerful tool to create social change. Learners are taught to use the design thinking process to tackle complex problems and understand how to design innovative solutions. Learners work in groups to solve real-life problems and are exposed to an enabling professional network of tech companies, facilitators, mentors and like-minded peers. Through doing so, they foster the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate and apply critical thinking to solve complex problems.

Bring Coding to Your School

Equip learners with future proof skills

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on industry standard practices and nurturing autodidactic learners who are able to further their own knowledge through independent learning. Our coders are required to work in a collaborative, self-directed manner; taking responsibility for their own learning, working in culturally diverse groups, and responding efficiently to change. Learners are guided in developing critical life and career skills so that they might become resilient young people who are able to thrive in a 21st century work environment.


Learners work towards developing a portfolio that demonstrates their practical coding skills.

Computational thinking

All our classes focus on developing learners’ computational thinking so that they have transferable

Digital literacy

Our curriculum ensures students have up-to-date digital communication and collaboration skills.

Learning Agility

In the fast-moving tech economy, people are expected to be able to rapidly re-skill into new technologies. We foster learners’ ability to teach themselves.

CodeSpace’s full service offering ensures a great learning experience

01Exciting Curriculum

Learners work through a well structured project-based curriculum.

02Engaging Facilitators

CodeSpace facilitators bring complex concepts to life and motivate learners.

03Online Learning Materials

Learners have 24/7 access to online curriculum through the learning portal.

04Rigorous Assessments

Learners complete assessments at the end of each module to monitor and benchmark their progress.

Learn about CodeSpace’s approach

Tech for teens, code for kids

Tech for teens, code for kids

Making changes

Making changes

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Why choose blended learning?

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