Intro to Web

Take your first step into building beautiful websites. Learn the essential languages of web design by creating your own digital resume. Intro to Web is the first course in our Web Development series, which prepares you for a career in tech. (See the upcoming courses below)
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Course overview

This course is designed as the ideal first step in your journey of becoming a web developer. The course runs for 6 weeks online with the assistance of our expert code coaches. The online experience is self-paced, yet full of opportunities to interact with your classmates. The course is packed with information and practical challenges that will ensure you have the skills to build websites. The final project is your very own digital resume which you can use to show off your skills and your future coding portfolio.



6 weeks online

Start Date:

Mon Jun 08 2020


10 hours / week



R6250  R5950*

*early bird 5% off your fees

*extra 5% off for full payment before commencement date

Video lectures

Join your classmates for interactive webinars

24/7 support chat

1-on-1 coaching

What you will learn

Ideal for absolute beginners, this course answers fundamental coding questions and teaches the basic skills that everyone wanting to incorporate code into their careers needs to know. During the course you will learn the basics of the coding languages that are essential for web development, key digital skills that are necessary for a career in tech and fundamental computer science principles.


· You'll understand fundamental computer science principles: Data structures, loops, conditionals, algorithms, debugging, etc.
· You'll be able to code a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
· You'll be able to use front-end frameworks


· Computer literacy
· English proficiency



6 weeks online

Start Date:

Mon Jun 08 2020


10 hours / week



R6250  R5950*

*early bird 5% off your fees

*extra 5% off for full payment before commencement date

Video lectures

Join your classmates for interactive webinars

24/7 support chat

1-on-1 coaching


Web Development

Learn how the internet works and how website requests are made.


Learn how to make your front-end interactive using CSS


Learn how to make your front-end interactive using HTML


Learn how to make your front-end interactive using JavaScript.

Leading Change

Learn to design; create and share innovative ideas for social good.

Leading Self

Develop as a leader by focusing on decision making and emotional intelligence skills.

Leading Your Career

Master the communication & collaboration skills to take your career to the next level.

Leading Your Learning

Master the skills to be able to direct your own learning in a fast past environment.

Upcoming Courses

Programming Fundamentals

Intro to PHP

6 weeks // Opening 29 June 2020

Learn the basics of backend development with PHP, the web’s most widely used programming language. Work with, manipulate and save user inputted data to make a dynamic application.

Interacting with Databases

Advanced PHP & MySQL

6 weeks // Opening 10 Aug 2020

Learn advanced object oriented programming in PHP along with how to manipulate databases in MySQL to create dynamic and interactive applications.

Web Applications

Javascript & Frontend Frameworks

6 weeks // Opening 27 Sep 2020

Combine frontend and backend technologies along with JavaScript to create asynchronous web applications using modern frameworks.

Mobile Applications

Advanced JavaScript & Hybrid Mobile Applications

6 weeks // Opening 2 Nov 2020

Learn advanced JavaScript to build hybrid mobile applications. Build your IOS and Android application using a single language.

Careers to Pursue

Our Intro to Web course will prepare you with the skills

to pursue many career options in tech. A few of them are listed below.

Web Developer

Web Designer

UX Designer

App Developer

Game Developer

Dev Ops Practitioners

Our Payment Plans

Early Bird

R5950 R6250


5% Early Bird discount.

Valid until Wed Jun 03 2020.

2-month plan



Your payment will be required in 2 instalments

3-month plan



Payment will be required in 3 instalments

Our courses prepare you to gain industry approved certification from the following recognised institutions.

Read more in the FAQ.

Scholarships & Bursaries

We offer scholarships and bursaries to qualifying candidates with potential to make an impact in the tech industry.

You can qualify if the following applies to you.

✔ South African Citizen   ✔ 18 years or older   ✔ EE candidate   ✔ Female   ✔ Passed our Challenge

To apply go to Tech Leaders is a project of CodeSpace which gives

potential tech leaders access to funding and leadership development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The course is 6 weeks long online.

What is the course fee?

The total cost for the course is R6250.

What will I receive at the end of the course?

Upon successfully completing the full course and meeting the passing criteria you will receive a certificate.

What requirements are needed?

A computer and access to the internet. Give yourself about 10 hours/week to stay on track.

Will I get a job after I graduate?

The intro to web course does not include a job placement or internship however you will be well equipped to further your career in development and in the tech space.

Is CodeSpace accredited?

CodeSpace is an accredited institution and is registered with the MICT SETA.

Student Testimonials

“Codespace gave me the tools to realize my potential and become more confident in what I have to offer. I wasn't just taught how to code, but how to believe that I CAN code, and take it from there. Codespace is a sanctuary built by people who genuinely care about our futures, and for that I am very grateful.”

Aziza Brown

Aziza Brown
Tammi Duckworth
Isaac Nkoy Lakote
Stefan Maree
Jasper Chesselet
Keith Brown
Clint Cloete
Mandisa Dlubom
Carrie Clarke
Ahmed Hassan Noor

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