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Why take a IT course?

Information sytems are all around us. They facilitate our daily interactions and communications through our smartphones, computers and laptops. They also help us to create solutions that are scalable, reliable, cheap and long-lasting. Many of the worlds problems are solvable using technology and the worlds demand for technology is increasing every year. In order to meet the worlds demand we need information technology specialists.

Taking a course in information systems will help you:

  • Learn to code
  • Become employable
  • Learn to create and use technology

Careers in IT

There are many available IT careers for someone that has studied information technology

Some examples are:

  • Cloud architect
  • Health IT specialist
  • Mobile application developer
  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Site Reliability Engineer
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What will you learn in an IT course?

The IT courses at CodeSpace are focused on coding and programming.

You will learn to:

  • Create dynamic,responsive webpages using HTML&CSS
  • Learn how to use programming languages to manipulate data
  • Think like a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies speak to one another

What is information technology?

An embedded system is a type of system which uses microprocessors or a CPU chip to function. This technology leads to more advanced technology and solutions for emerging integrated applications, including digital consumer electronics, automotive, wireless/ubiquitous computing and factory automation. Systems are meant to perform some task to be a general purpose computer for jobs. This helps in improving time performance limitations that must be met by technology. Systems are devices, actually they comprise inside a device that serves a general function of computerized parts. Nowadays there's a large demand for additional system in various sectors like auto, telecoms, medical, consumer electronics, aviation, space exploration and more.There are consumer products where one can find embedded technology 's use. A number of products are digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, DVD players, video game consoles cellphones and more. Household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and microwave ovens are designed with technology. In brief, technologies that is embedded exist in every aspect of life and there are samples of their usage. Taking into account the scope and use of systems in businesses, there was a demand for experts.

The demand for information technologists

In fact with the increasing use of embedded Technologies in IT segment today,the requirement for those who've taken additional platform training or network security training is on a rise. Why Embedded Technology is an excellent option for students ? Millions of goods use some form of additional software for developing it.Right from home appliances, automobiles, wireless devices to consumer electronics devices, additional Technologies is utilized in a large scale.Students having additional platform training can look to jobs in software development, design and production and even re engineering of new and existing reference designs, development of device drivers, wired and wireless stacks and even porting of network protocols.It 's believed that there will be a need to over a million professionals having additional system training by 2020.

The straightforward reason behind this is that there's a need for trained specialists in companies for designing and implementing additional software in digital instrumentation hardware.Even consulting firms are searching for additional specialists, engineers and technicians to provide qualified professionals to corporations and government agencies looking to individuals with training or network security training.In India, there are lots of high end training providers that offer courses and networksecurity training for those who 're intrigued in this field.After completing the course on embedded Technologies or network security,students may have job opportunities as Embedded Software Engineer,Embedded C Programmer,Embedded developer,Embedded Application Engineer,Research Development and Tech Support Engineer and more.

Frequently asked questions

Is coding and programming IT?

IT stands for Information technology and is the study or use of computing systems and how they are used to store, manipulate and retrieve data.
Coding is a very large component of IT and enables someone to control computers and to tell them exactly how they wish to manipulate information.
So Yes! Coding and programming is very much related to IT

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