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Software development course students work together on class projects.

Why take a Software developer course?

A software developer course will earn you a position in the IT careers field which is ever-expanding in a world where technology is constantly evolving, thus as a software developer you would have lots of room for growth. By completing a software developer course, you will learn to code by completing principle programming courses, and learn how large software systems are designed and created - our Web Development Intensive course will give you great exposure to the software used and programming fundamentals. A software developer course would take you through learning to program a variety of languages that will expose you to the user interface (UI) design, interaction and experience.

As a software developer you would not be confined to only coding or developing web pages, nor are you confined to IT careers. The information technology field is broad enough for you to have the choice of continuing as a commercial software developer, or specialise in custom software development. If you choose to become a custom software developer, then you would be part of the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for specific group of users, functions and organisations.

Careers in Software development

There are many available IT careers for someone that has studied Software development

Once you have completed a software developer course, you would be eligible for employment prospects in both software and application development which are both very advantageous options to have.

Employment in the IT field is expected to grow exponentially across the world.There are many jobs available for software developers which are not only restricting you to the software developing field but allows developers to expand to the finance field as well.

Careers after completing a software development course:

Some examples are:

  • Software developer
  • iOS developer
  • Software architect
  • Developer jobs in banking sector
Students continue to pursue their careers in software development.

What will you learn in an Software developer course?

The IT courses at CodeSpace are focused on coding and programming.

You will learn to:

  • Create dynamic,responsive webpages using HTML&CSS
  • Learn how to use programming languages to manipulate data
  • Think like a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies speak to one another

What is Software development?

Software development involves developing, coding, testing and debugging software applications for various companies, whether it be in the IT careers field or banking sector. You would be responsible for interpreting customer requirements, working with a team to do research, design, and write software. Being a software developer involves working with others to understand and resolve issues in existing software. Software development involves the combined process of creating software programs and working through all stages of software systems development from the start to end result. It mainly entails the process of developing software through a sequence of phases in a certain way. Learn the fundamentals of software development by joining our 4-week Web Academy course.

The demand for Software developers

Software developers are in demand because they have a less formal role than software engineers, and they can be closely involved with specific project areas in a company. Software developers have the ability to write code, but are not limited to that as they also prepare requirements and objectives. Software developers would be in charge of what coding needs to be done as well as reaching the objectives at the required time. This makes software developers in demand because of their specialised yet adaptive skills of coding. Our Web Development Intensive course is a good way to start your future career in software development.

Frequently asked questions

Is coding and programming related to Software Development?

We can see the reason for the demand is because of how closely software development is related to coding and programming. Software developers are able to write code, and at the same time they drive the overall software development lifecycle. Software developers learn most programming languages such as JavaScript, C++ languages and many more.

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