Web Development Courses

Web developers build and maintain websites using various languages and tools like HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL.

What do web developers do?

Web developers are responsible for building and maintaining websites. They work with designs created by a web designer and will convert them into functional, compliant websites. Web developers generally have a stronger focus on back-end development as opposed to front-end development. They often work within larger teams or as entrepeneurs.

What can a web developer build?

Web developers are focused on building web-based applications. These could be websites or web-apps (think whatsapp for web, trello etc). These applications can also be ported to mobile applications but they are built primarily for the web.

Is web development a good career to pursue?

Yes, web development has been listed as a critical skill globally and has a high median salary.

Which skills do web developers have?

Web developement is a multi-disciplinary role. They have strong understanding of the entire lifecycle of website production. They know how to work with frontend languages, libraries and frameworks like HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Angular, and Vue to name a few. Their main strength is usually in a back-end language which provides functionality to a website, these include PHP, Python & Java amongst others.

Aside from the knowledge of languages that web developers have they also have an understanding of SEO principles, hosting and deployment methods and know how to use version control (git) to manage their code.

Courses to learn web development

By joining one of these part-time or full-time courses you can start the journey towards becoming a web developer.
Web Development Intensive

18 week intensive full-stack web developer course

18 weeks


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High School Coding & Robotics Camp

A holiday programme hosted this December by CodeSpace at UCT

6 days


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